TourMaker's Three Windows

1. TourMaker window


Notice how the main TourMaker window is divided into 4 frames:

1- Site frame. Top large frame. This is where the web sites are viewed.

2- Logo frame. Bottom left.

3- Narration frame. Bottom center. This is where you will view either the Trip's Itinerary/Table of Contents, or the customized information about the sites you're visiting.

4- Control Panel frame. Bottom right frame holds the Control Panel which helps you navigate around the field trip.

TourMaker Window Buttons
The TourMaker window has its own set of buttons across the top, which allow you to save the field trip, add and delete trip stops, and access the other two windows which we'll explain below.
2. TourMaker URL Editor window

The URL Editor window is the window you use to search and locate web sites for your field trip. When you find a site you want to use on your trip, you click the Add Site button, (the one with a checkmark.)

TourMaker URL Editor Buttons

The URL Editor has its own set of buttons which allow you to browse web sites, add a site to the field trip, and load in custom html pages. The web address gets copied or typed into the address box right below the buttons.

3. Narration Editor window

The Narration Editor window is where you will type the Stop Title, and write some custom directions (or narration) about the site you are visiting on this stop. For instance, you could instruct students to look for specific information within the page.

This window also has buttons that allow you to format the text you type, add small images, or add hyperlinks.