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Artwork by Kim
Digital Pics
Filmmaking Tour
PV Film Festival

Tramline's Field Trips Site


Spokane Movies
Movie Reviews
TV Guide
MIT Media Lab



Spokane Aquifer Joint Board
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

Purple Sage Pottery
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

Jagoda Design
> 2001-2005
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

Thunderwolf Records
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

Hammerhead, Inc.
Web Site Designer/Developer 2000

Design and develop web site.

Adeptis Adeptis, Inc.
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

Virtual Field Trips Virtual Field Trips Site
Content Developer, Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site. Create virtual field trips for use in K-12 classrooms. Ongoing project.

Tramline Tours 1996-present
Co-Founder & President, Tour Developer, Web Site

Tramline Tours software allows the creation of automated, online web tours. Co-designed overall look and feel of internet-based, educational software product and associated web site. Responsible for ongoing coordination of resources, development, and maintenance for Tramline’s Web site. Oversee graphics processes. Develop web tours for placement on site.

National Boston

National Boston Video Center
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site for leading Boston video production facility.

Virtual Blackboard Virtual Blackboard
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site designed to show teachers how to develop effective Internet teaching. Sponsored by AT&T Learning Network.

HMCO Houghton Mifflin
Web Site Designer

Design sample for Houghton Mifflin's College Business book division.

PACE (Program Assisted Computer Education): The Breaking Wave, 1998
Project Manager/Art Director

Delivery Media: CD-ROM & Textbook
Target Platforms: Macintosh, Windows 3.1 and Windows /95
Date Completed: 1997

Produced cross-platform interactive CD-Rom software & text for college level courses. Software provides students with a liberal arts approach to the field of computing. Managed the development team, hired consultants, oversaw schedule, and design of CD. Co-designed the navigational scheme and developed some of the interactive content.


Prentice Hall Product Video, 1997
Prentice-Hall, 1997

Produced marketing video about new interactive courseware.

Persistent VISION Web Site 1997
Web Site Designer/Developer

Design and develop web site.

PAL Series (Program-assisted Learning), 1996
Prentice-Hall, 1994-96
Project Manager/Art Director

Delivery Media: CD-ROM & Textbook
Target Platforms: Windows /95
Date Completed: 1996

Produced interactive tutorial applications software series for Prentice-Hall. Managed the development team, budget, schedule, and design of this 4 book/CD-Rom series for introductory college level courses in computing.

  • PAL Windows 95
  • PAL Word for Windows 95
  • PAL Excel for Windows 95
  • PAL Access for Windows 95

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review Management Productions, 1994

Edited video series on Customer Relations for Harvard Business Review.


Information Mapping, Inc. , Waltham, MA 1994
Project Manager/Designer/Developer

Produce cross-platform hypertext demo application for Macintosh and Windows.


Marketing Prototype
Information Mapping, Inc. , Waltham, MA, 1993
Project Manager/Designer/Developer

Produce interactive CD-ROM prototype for marketing department. Uses a combination of hypertext, interactive examples, graphics, movies and sound to present the services and benefits offered by IMI.


going Surfing
Australian National Maritime Museum, Australia, 1993

Interactive museum exhibit about Australian surfing champions.


Body Projections Exhibit
The Science Place, Dallas, TX, 1991

Videodisc science exhibit includes heart and lung transplants and liver resection.


The Story Behind the Charts
Mirror Systems, Cambridge, 1990

This CD-ROM for Jeppesen Sanderson explores the criteria used in establishing protected airspace for instrument flight operations.


Boston Suburbs: A History
Department of Architecture, MIT, 1988

This videodisc documents the development of suburbs and includes interviews with modern architects Sally Harkness, Norman Fletcher and Walter Pierce.


"form follows format" Multimedia Performance
The Media Lab, MIT, 1988

Multi-media performance involved live dance, film, videotape & videodisc. Two 10 1/2 x 14 ft. rear projection video screens were used to display "Dance In Parallel", a film/video project that was conceived of and used as the content element to the research project and thesis, "Viewer Perception of the Film Look in Light of HDTV." Live dancers danced in sync with the pre-recorded film and video version of the dance. The "Dance In Parallel" results were reviewed by senior executives at Paramount, Columbia Pictures, HBO and Fox studios.


CBS Interactive News Prototype
The Media Lab, MIT, 1987

Co-designed and implemented a prototype that offers a view to the future of viewer selected news. This level 3 videodisc provides options for branching from four "top stories" down to relevant archival newsreel footage, text files, stills library and more.


Hi-Tech Honeymoon
The Media Lab, MIT, 1987

This video draws parallels between the technology of the 50's and the technology of today. An optical memory videodisc was used to create the special effects.


Sears Interactive Shopping Catalog Prototype
The Media Lab, MIT, 1986

Sponsored by the MIT Audience Research Facility and GTE. A prototype interactive shopping catalogue.


The Media Laboratory Videodisc
The Media Lab, MIT, 1985

"School of the Future" chapter.

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