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the Big Pocket Guide to Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips


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the Big Pocket Guide to Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips is an introduction to Virtual Field Trips, or Web Tours, one excellent solution to organizing information on the web into manageable and useful educational resources. It is geared specifically to K-12 educators and teachers in training, in both traditional and non-traditional settings.

Using & Creating Virtual Field Trips provides

  • a broad introduction and general overview on the topic of virtual field trips in general,
  • information about the types of virtual field trips that are in use, as there can be significant differences between field trip styles, and explores the pros and cons of each.
  • examples of how educators are using field trips in the classroom and in homeschooling.
  • ideas about how students can use the trips at home to aid in homework, facilitate research, and create online reports.
  • an analytical look at a variety of field trip examples selected from all over the Web--by the time you have finished with that section of the book, you should be well on your way to developing a critical eye and able to ascertain with ease whether a given field trip will be an asset to your curriculum.
  • a brief look at TourMaker, Tramline's software tool used for creating Virtual Field Trips, and finally,
  • a chapter covering issues to consider should you decide to create your own field trips.


1 What Is It Good For?
2 What Are Virtual Field Trips?
3 Using Virtual Field Trips in the Classroom
4 Field Trip Formats
5 A Survey of Field Trip Examples
6 TourMaker: A Tool for Creating Field Trips
7 Creating Virtual Field Trips: Considerations
  Appendix: Resources & Tools


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