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It's snowing outside, the roads are icy, and your planned trip to the planetarium's current feature, "The Winter Solstice Night Sky," is off, kaput, nada. Or your trip to Mount Kilauea is postponed indefinitely due to the latest eruption. Or you just don't have the funds to travel to Tasmania, or if you're in Tasmania, you don't have the funds to travel to the Grand Canyon. What to do?


Come exploring with us and learn about Rainforests, Endangered Species, Salt Marshes, Volcanoes, Shakespeare, Presidents, Pi and more! Perfect for classroom use, we provide teacher's objectives and resources for each trip. Enjoy your visit!

The virtual field trips here at Tramline were developed with the goal of making the best use of the web in the classroom. These annotated trips take students to some of the best web sites on each trip subject. We have a Trailhead (Intro) and Teacher's Resource that set the stage for most of our trips. The TourMaker field trips format makes learning fun, and makes using the Internet in the classroom simple, efficient and focused. You will find virtual field trips on science, literature, social studies, and other topics.


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