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TourMaker Window Diagram (Opens in 2nd window for printing, when you are done close that window.)

TourMaker Reference Manual

Getting Started
Key Features & Tips
Tutorial: Create A New Tour
Tutorial: Edit An Existing Tour
Posting A Tour

TourMaker Reference Manual (PDF Printable Version)
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Adding a Custom Page (without graphics)

Adding Custom Pages To Your Tour (with graphics)


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When I start TourMaker, and open the URL Editor no sites will display in the window.

A. If you have Norton Internet Security, the configuration must be set for TourMaker to be able to access the Internet. To enable this follow these steps.

1. Open Norton Internet Security
2. Click on Personal Firewall
3. Click the Configure button. (The Personal Firewall dialog box opens.)
4. Click the Programs tab.
5. Scroll down the list of programs until you see TourMaker.
6. Make sure that the Internet Access is set to Permit All.

Q. After installing TourMaker, when I try to run it, I see the TourMaker "splash-screen", but nothing happens after that and the program terminates.

A. TourMaker uses Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4 or above) as a component. Therefore, you need to have MSIE 4.0 or above installed on your computer, even if you never use it as your browser. The program is automatically terminated if it cannot find the correct browser component. To remedy this problem, download and install Microsoft's latest browser from

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