About Virtual Field Trips

The Tramline Virtual Field Trips

A field trip created with TourMaker guides you through a sequence of Web pages on any given topic. For each page, there is simultaneous commentary in an accompanying frame. You move forward and back through the Field Trip using the tour Control Panel and you can leave the Tour to explore links and return to it whenever you want.

Virtual and Real Field Trips

Virtual and real trips are different from one another, but they also have many features in common. Let's take a look at these differences and similarities.

  • Both real and virtual field trips are group activities where kids interact with each other.
  • Both real and virtual field trips involve active, not passive learning.
  • Both real and virtual field trips take the student mentally out of the classroom and into a new and different learning environment.
  • Virtual field trips can be repeated over and over again.
  • Virtual field trips give students more room to move at their own pace and explore things to their own depth.
  • Virtual field trips can take you to places you would not otherwise go.
  • Virtual field trips lack the sensory experience of a real field trip.
  • Virtual field trips are safe and free of hazards.
  • Virtual field trips can tap into more expert resources on a single topic.

What Sets Tramline's Virtual Field Trips Apart?

  • These trips so are easy to use!
  • All of the field trips use the same layout and Control Panel so once you've explored one field trip, you'll be comfortable with moving through all of them!
  • The Return to Tour button prevents students from getting "lost in cyberspace."
  • The orientation aids built into the format make it easy to know how long a trip is, where you are in a given trip, and how far you have to go.
  • These trips have been pre-screened so they are both age- and content-appropriate.
  • We've done the organizing so you can sit back, relax, and do what you love to do, teach, instead of worrying about the technology!
  • Students can use trips both in the classroom and on their own.
  • Allows both random and sequential access to web sites so students can revisit specific sites.
  • Trips are regularly maintained so you can depend on them as a quality curriculum resource.

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