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By Harriet Teplitzky: Educator

The following activities can be used along with the Photography tour.


1. Make a sunprint. Follow the directions here.

2. Experiment with shadows. Activities can be found here.

3. Make your own camera out of an oatmeal box and develop the picture.

Be sure to look at the pin hole photographs at the gallery. Create your own pinhole photography gallery in your classroom or school.


Social Studies:

1. Study a photograph to learn about a period of history. Use this worksheet.

2. Make a timeline of the history of photography. Visit the George Eastman Museum web site
to gather your facts and graphics to illustrate your timeline.

3. Create a photo essay about your neighborhood. Take photographs and write a description for
each photo. Mount on a large piece of brown wrapping paper or banner paper.

4. Create a brochure about your town using photographs of interesting places and people.

5. Research an important person in the history of photography. Write a report and try to find
pictures from the stops on the Photography tour to download and use to illustrate your report.

6. Create a "Day in the Life" photo time capsule of your class. Take photographs every half hour
during the school day. Write descriptions of what was happening during each photograph. Mount
into a booklet.

7. Make a photographic family tree. Take photographs of your family members. Cut out the faces
and glue them to different shape pieces of colored paper. Punch holes in the paper and tie the
photos onto the small branches of a twig with string or thread.


Language Arts:

1. Read "My Shadow" by Robert Louis Stevenson.

After reading the poem, do the shadow activity.

2. Write a short mystery story where the "clue" is a photograph!

3. Take photos to illustrate a favorite story or poem. Put the photos and the words together in a book.

4. Make an illustrated Photography Dictionary with all the new photography words that you have learned.

5. Visit one of the Internet Photography museums or galleries. Choose a photograph. Write a descriptive essay about the photograph. Use words to describe what you see.

6. Write your autobiography as though you were a famous photographer. What kind of photographer would you be?

7. Be a photojournalist. Photograph events at school or in your community. Write a news story to go along with the photos. Use a newspaper layout program on your computer to produce an illustrated newspaper.



1. Visit one of the Photography museums or galleries listed in the last stop on our tour. Choose a photograph. Write about the composition of the photo using this guide.

2. Using photos from magazines, or ones that you have taken, make a collage of the different types of photographs that we saw at Stop #14 of the Photography Tour.

3. Make photo postcards. Glue light colored construction paper to the back of your photograph.
Draw a line down the middle of the paper. Your message goes on the left and the address goes on the right side of the postcard.

4. Make a photo album or scrapbook.

Put all your favorite photos in your scrapbook.



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