*Salt Marshes Field Trip


A salt marsh is a low coastal grassland that is covered at least once a month by the rising tide. Salt marshes are found on the edges of estuaries; places where a river flows into the ocean. In the marsh, the water flows very slowly so sediments are dropped from the water and build up a muddy environment where plants can grow and small animals can live.


  • Students will be introduced to the coastal environment through participation in a field study of the beach, dunes, estuary, and salt marsh habitats.
  • Students will take part in an on-site group discussion and activity at each area to learn about how the habitat formed.
  • Students will look for and find evidence of life at each habitat. They will use field guides to find out what the organisms are and how these organisms fit into the food chain.
  • Students will utilize sampling equipment in the study.
  • Students will develop group cooperation skills through team studies.


  • How are salt water marshes formed and where are they located?
  • What do marshes do for the environment?
  • What plants and animals live in or near salt marshes? How have they adapted in order to survive in a salt marsh environment?
  • How do tides impact life in the salt marsh?

Terms To Learn

salt marsh



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