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Class Projects

NTTI: How High is Pi?
WNET National Teacher's Training Institute site. Suggested activities to accompany a video about pi. Grades 9-12
Math Forum: Pi Necklace
This is a about a suggestion for a Pi Day project from 7th grade teacher Diana Funke. The idea is to make a necklace with the colors of the beads representing the different digits.
Pi General
The Ridiculously Enhanced Pi Page
This is the San Fransisco Exploratorium's pi page. The main feature here is the celebration of Pi Day, Mar. 14 at 1:59:26. This is also Einstein's birthday, which is celebrated with it.

Mathematics and Computing

Stu's Personal pi page
Timings for PC programs for computing pi. Also some links to sites having to do with computation of pi.
Pi and the Fibonacci Numbers
There is a good presentation of the arctan methods for computing pi here.


History of Mathematics - Pi: It Will Blow Your Mind
A survey on the history of pi with an emphasis on computation formulas.
Archimedes and the Computation of Pi
This has some background information about Archimedes and a simulation of Archimedes method for finding pi. There are also some pi and general history of mathematics links.

Art and Entertainment

A Pi Poem by Eve
A poem about pi by Eve Anderson, the writer of the trivia quiz.
Poe, E.: Near a Raven
Constrained poetry. Mike Keith has constructed a revised version of Poe's The Raven so that the numbers of letters in succesive words spell out the digits of pi.

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